Club Nights

On Club nights, 2-3 nights a week, this program forms the backbone of our work with the kids. forming alongside relationship and confidence building games and activities, sadly often represents a rare sense of ‘normality’ amongst their often volatile lives.

The nights are structured so that there is a the more experienced kids under supervision, naturally become leaders for the new kids. Again, many positive outcomes have come from these nights. If you ask the young people what kind of program it is, they will tell you it is not only a personal development program, it is also a leadership program. This program has helped these young people make more positive steps and effective choices in other areas of their lives.

Northern Territory Trips

Every year we gear up for the N.T. Trip which entails taking a group of kids up into the Northern Territory for about 14 days to visit an Aboriginal Community located in the Harts Ranges. The kids learn and experience so many life-changing elements. The trip has been a huge success story for so many that have participated over the last 20 years we have run them for both the kids and leaders. Following are some of the kid’s diary extracts which speak for themselves:

“We had 7 adults, 22 kids, 4 Pajero’s, Trev’s troop carrier, two trailers, 28 swags, 1 tent, lots of food and water and enough luggage to sink a ship. On 7th August, bright and early we set off for the NT………….. I had an excellent time. I have made new friends and being with the Aboriginal Community was the best because they were always happy and smiling”

“I went to Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon which are places I never thought I would be able to see. The places we visited were awesome”

“There were really good leaders on the camp who talked to me whenever I had a problem and helped when I needed it on camp, Thankyou”

“We played basketball with the kids in the Aboriginal Community which was really cool. I also learnt about bush tucker and did aboriginal painting”

“I learnt how to make a fire and cook on it. I am going to cook meals that I learnt how to make at camp when I get home for Mum”

“This camp has given me time out from stuff at home and the chance to speak to some of the leaders which has helped me to deal with some problems. It’s also been excellent to make new friends and just not have to think about things too much”

There is no money charged to the kids so it has to be 100% funded by the organisation and its supporters. As you can see, the camp was very successful and if funds allow us, we hope, to continue to run another N.T. trip and more into the future.

Family Outreach Program

Part of our outreach commitment, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to further assist the kids and their families outside the weekly programs. One such opportunity happens most weekends which entail picking up generously donated bread and milk and delivering them to around 20 local families. Not only does it ensure the families are receiving some nutritional intake but it also gives us a chance to talk to the parents/carers of kids from the programs to talk through home life issues that are affecting them.

What this offers is another tool to extend our help further than the kids and into their families. The reward for us is having the reality check of the huge impact the simple gift of regular bread and milk can mean to these families.

Surf Program

Through this program we promote healthy lifestyles and positive physical activity. The program also provides a culturally safe, environment/atmosphere in which participants can build on their confidence, self-esteem, relationships and interact respectfully with other members of the community.

Some words from an ex Campus Surf Grommy (kid surfer).
“Campus life was and still is a great place for groms from all walks of life. To have a place like Campus while growing up was amazing, a place where you can rock up and not have to worry about troubles at home, school or wherever/whatever and be accepted not for how cool you are, the colour of your hair or skin, the clothes you wear or any of the usual judgmental stuff you go through as a grom and be accepted for who you are, and how much fun you can have. What the crew at Campus do and achieve is truly amazing and I hope they keep on doing what they do !!! Scotty

Other Activities

There are many other programs that we run and they include, school seminars, mentoring programs, aerosol art, shorter camping trips, skateboarding etc. If you would like more information on any of the programs listed, please let us know.

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