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Campus Life is a small charity doing big things. Despite our resources being light-on both in volunteers and financial means, we are finding an ever increasing system which allows more and more kids to seep through the cracks for care and support. The problems that face the youth of today seem to be getting bigger and more complex than from the generation before. But no matter what hardships and obstacles that seem to regularly appear, it’s our team of invaluable volunteers that keep finding a way forward to reach these kids who need our help. The sole reason is just so we can make a difference in these kids’ lives. But we can’t do it alone.


We need help from people who have relevant experience or a passion for working with young people. Assistance could take many forms from being a leader in some of our programs such as surf program on the weekend, club night which is one or two nights a week, seminars in schools, Northern Territory trip etc. We will provide training and an induction process.

We understand everyone has busy lives and don’t expect volunteers to be able to commit to all of our programs. We can cater your support around your availability and passions. Alternatively there are lots of other means to volunteer your time. These could include fundraising activities, vehicle maintenance, or just offering a helping hand every so often. Any assistance is always appreciated.

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Any assistance is always appreciated

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